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Now that I have managed to conquer my techno-dinosaurism and not only go high-speed but also learn how to scan pictures (!), I have spent what little free time I’ve had in the last few days having a scanning party. The first box to get uploaded into my laptop was that of all my old baseball pictures.

So for the next several weeks, we’re going to have some occasional fun here (not like my blog isn’t ALWAYS fun, right?) and play “Name That Ballplayer.”

I’m going to post some old pix of teams or groups of players and let’s see who can ID any or all of them. We could call this a game, or we could call it “help Lisa figure out who some of these guys are, please!” Or a little of both.

Actually with this first picture we’ve managed to identify (we think) all but two players, and even those two I THINK I know who they are but am not 100 percent sure. But I also think it would be neat to see how many people out there can identify the most players in this picture.

The winner will get some sort of prize. I haven’t figured out what it will be yet.

This is a picture taken by the amazing Barbara Jean Germano, one of the greatest baseball photographers I’ve ever met (and one of my favorite people ever … and I know that this opinion is shared by just about everyone who knows her). It was shot in September 1997, in Buffalo, a few hours before Game 2 of what would be the final Triple-A American Association championship series (the next year the three leagues realigned into two).



Little Me with THE Buffalo Bisons, AA champs of 1997.jpgBuffalo Bisons (Indians) manager Brian Graham (hint: he is in the picture) gathered several of the players on hand into a group shot with me (the crutches I was getting around on after a severe ankle sprain falling down a few stairs are NOT in the picture). The team would go on to sweep the series in three games from the Iowa Cubs.

This 1997 Buffalo team is one of my all-time favorite teams and this picture is one of my most cherished memories, ankle injury notwithstanding.

How many of the players can you name? HINT: five of them are currently in the Major Leagues as of June 12.

ETA: And along with the five current big league players, one other is a big league coach. BONUS POINTS if you can ID him.

REQUEST: The two players we’re not 100 percent sure of (and when I say “we” I’ve put my head together with BJ Germano and long-time Bisons beat writer Mike Harrington whose awesome Bisons blog you can read here)) are the player two to the right of me in the front (with a black glove) and the player whose head is directly to the right of HIM. I THINK I know who they are but am not positive so if you can ID either one you get additional bonus points.

ETA JUNE 18 (and by the way, happy Paul McCartney’s Birthday to you all! Why yes, it IS a national holiday!) … gotta officially cancel the “contest” aspect of this now since the IDs are up online but it’s still fun to take this walk down memory lane, isn’t it???)