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So as a newbie blogger I have made a stunning realization. The longer I go between entries, the harder it is to create a new one. You might think it would be easier … so much more to write … but instead it’s a little overwhelming.

I’d been slow on the uptake partly because I was (and this is really hard to admit) … *I was on dial-up* … I know, I know. Dinosaur. But now that I have discovered the joys of high-speed internet (thank you Comcast) I have no excuse.

So here I sit in Syracuse (again!) vowing that this time it will be different. You know, like all 1,876,342 diets I’ve been on in my (mumble/deleted) years.

I’ll take it slow. One blog at a time. Starting … now.

So, I’m ready to take bids from all of the communities across our great country that have been suffering from drought conditions. That’s right, bids for me to come to (YOUR PARCHED TOWN HERE) to cover a Minor League Baseball game. Because apparently all it takes to bring “steady soaking rain” to a town is for my bosses to send me there to cover a game.

I am buying stock in Pep Boys windshield wipers because I am giving mine a serious workout. So far, in the last few days, I have driven 11 hours. And I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it has rained for every single second of those 11 hours on the road.

Maryland to Ithaca (a detour en route to Cooperstown to visit my awesome sister), Ithaca to Cooperstown, Cooperstown to Syracuse. Rain rain rain rain rain.

But even in the rain, can I just say that Cooperstown is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. If you are a baseball fan, it’s just nirvana. For those of you who are fans of “Twilight Zone” think of the episode about “Willoughby” (one of my favorites) … just a throwback in time about 100 years. But with streets lined with dozens of shops filled with everything a true fan could imagine. Not crappy cheap mass-produced souvenirs, but unique ones (for example, when I came here 20 years ago, I got a Seattle Pilots ashtray!) … and cafes, ice cream parlors, quaint B&Bs and inns all in a gorgeous pastoral lakeside upstate New York setting …

Oh, and did I mention the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum?

A day trip here is simply inadequate. It would take a few days just to experience the Hall of Fame on its own. To truly soak in the atmosphere, you need a few days. I am really hoping to get back here as a visitor and vacationer soon.

I also had the rare treat of sitting in on a chat with Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk, presented by the Hall for its members on Saturday evening. Though of course I knew Fisk’s awe-inducing numbers (24 years in the bigs and 2,226 games caught and he still has knees, not to mention at 60 years old an amazing head of hair!!!) I really had no clue to his personality before Saturday. The man is hilarious … self-deprecating (though not in a fake manner), funny, clever and very very frank. It was one of the most enjoyable Q&A sessions I’ve had the pleasure of attending in quite awhile.

Unfortunately, his subsequent appearance throwing out the first pitch at the Cooperstown Classic game this afternoon between the Syracuse Chiefs and Rochester Red Wings was not in the cozy confines of the Hall of Fame Grandstand Theater but rather on the cold and wet field at Doubleday Stadium.

The game was, as they say, banged in the second inning to be allegedly picked up Monday as a double dip between these same teams. I say allegedly because I am still here. Which means … well, you know.

Sorry guys, Enjoy your night off.

And hey, maybe next entry I’ll try to graduate to … graphics. And pictures. Woo hoo!!!