That seemed to be the appropriate header as I sit here at National Airport (sorry, people, I still refuse to call it Reagan!) waiting for my flight to Indianapolis for the Winter Meetings. I admit I am inordinately excited.

I know there have been people who have been like “Indianapolis? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?” (that last “seriously” is for my fellow “Grey’s Anatomy” fans, with a special shoutout for agent Billy Martin Jr. who had the cojones last year to not only spot THE CHIEF in Vegas but to actually get him to pose for a picture … I have been kicking myself for the last year for not doing the same. Warning right now: If Sandra Oh or my idol Chandra Wilson happen to be in Indianapolis this week, I have my digital camera ready!!!)
Billy and the Chief.JPG
Anyway, you may ask, “Why would you be excited about Indianapolis, more so than, say, Las Vegas or Disney World or Nashville?” (the locations of the last three WMs and, with Disney World, the next one as well)?

Well, here’s the thing. If I were going on vacation or taking my family or heading on some dreaded work-related convention where I couldn’t stand my job or my co-workers and just wanted to have good distractions, then Vegas or Disney World would be great options. And if I didn’t care about a) having to walk approximately 5 miles a day and b) finding my co-workers for drinks every night, then I guess Nashville would be more palatable.

But for me, the Winter Meetings are all about seeing people and catching up with old friends and colleagues and connecting with folks that, at least in this year’s case, I have not seen in a year (not since last year in Vegas) … so the ideal location for the Winter Meetings is: a locale where the hotels are all connected to the convention center (trade show site) and each other, and, as an added bonus in this case, a MALL with NORDSTROM’S and a MAC counter (yeah, I may be in the minority of Winter Meetings attendees who care about the latter).

So Indianapolis is awesome. Two great hotels with great lobby bars, all connected to the convention center via skywalk so we don’t have to count on The Weather Channel 24/7. There will only be one or two central locations where we can pretty much depend on being able to find anyone we need/want to see and connect with at any time (three if you count the press room I guess).

No unnecessary distractions like casinos and fancy clubs and Donny and Marie, or Mickey and Minnie, or Dolly and Her Girls. Just baseball people, a captive audience, my milieu.

So, barring unforeseen delays, Indianapolis here I come … and of course I will keep what readers I still may have posted along the way! (Yeah, Rule 5 thoughts upcoming in the next day or two … some REALLY interesting names on the list of availables!!!! What about you guys? Who do you think your team should take in the Rule 5???)


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