Once I flip that desk calendar page from October to November, it usually means I am in the midst of the kickoff (sorry for the football reference) to my off-season flurry of activity … you know the drill, right?

Organization reviews, end-of-year awards, looking ahead to the fun stuff like the Winter Meetings (this year in Indianapolis which I’m especially excited about since there will be a captive audience, unlike Las Vegas or Disney World), the RULE 5 DRAFT (in caps for me, the biggest Rule 5 Draft geek in existence), and then the inevitable “countdown to pitchers and catchers reporting.”

This year, however, it’s been a little different, in case you haven’t noticed. Because for some odd reason, there is still this whole World Series thing going on. Not that the two teams involved have such big devoted fanbases that anyone is paying attention. I’m sure most fans would rather read about the Minors anyway …

November Fool’s!

Seriously, though, folks. Though I have no idea exactly WHEN they will be coming your way, suffice to say that our “org reviews” WILL be coming to a computer screen near you soon and in the meantime my colleague Jonathan and I are hard at work cobbling them together …

Now, I’m not giving away any big trade secrets or saying anything I haven’t said before when I confess … I am in the huge minority in that I don’t like writing Top 10 or Top 20 lists (I know most people LOVE these rankings lists: writing them, reading them, debating them). I really don’t. I think in many cases comparing, say, a raw and gifted 18-year-old shortstop with huge upside who may or may not make the given adjustments in the next few years to a big-league ready outfielder with solid tools, a proven track record and a good shot at a Major League job this spring is apples and oranges. Delicious apples, yummy oranges. But how do I pick one over the other for that 10th spot on a list? Both have value. And whoever I leave off, well, they probably deserved to be on a list. Which is why I hate lists. It’s the mommy in me. I feel like I should just keep giving out accolades until I run out of them. (BTW I am not using a specific team’s 10-11 here … these are just made-up examples).

Anyway, we WILL have post-season Top 10 lists anyway (because I don’t make the rules, I just follow them sometimes) … we’ll have our pre-season Top 10s AND our post-season Top 10s so we can pat ourselves on the back or poke fun at ourselves or whatever … we’ll have our pre-season Hitter and Pitcher of the Year picks for each organization AND our post-season picks (you can look forward to seeing where we were right and where we went woefully wrong) … AND we’ll have organization overviews, in-depth looks at each organization’s 2009 draft, etc.

We will have them soon. Promise.

But you ALSO need to keep an eye on this space here (and on Jonathan’s blog as well) for a series we’re going to run that will give us the opportunity to share some news and notes on OTHER guys who didn’t make “The List” but either were final cuts, merited consideration, or simply deserve some sort of nod for great numbers or accomplishments.

That way, when you’re reading the original articles and want to post under reader comments “Hey, what about Joe Schlabotnik?” hopefully you can come over here to the blog and see that indeed I DID consider Joe Schlabotnik and while he didn’t make the Top 10, come read more about him over here. Consolation prize, perhaps, but better than nothing.

I want to call it “But Wait, There’s More!” … I’ll see if Jonathan likes that idea. Or unless someone else has a better idea.

Anyway, just wanted to chime in with this … now I’ll get back to my voluminous pile of manila folders and lists.


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