Opening Day (or as many of us say OPENING DAY!!!!) is here in the Majors, and Opening Day (or OPENING DAYS because for some reason the Eastern League is starting a day early) is almost here in the Minors …

So Episode 7 of BASEBALL HONEYMOON brings you two awesome season previews for the price of one, as in … well, as our blog says,

“the same low, low price of….of ..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! FREE! GRATIS, BABY!”


For those of you, like me, who can’t get enough of USA Today/Sports Weekly baseball guru PAUL WHITE talking baseball, the first half of the show is for you as he (and we) talk about our picks to win each division and each league’s “big” awards (MVP, CY and Rookie of the Year).

The second half … well, let’s put it this way … if you are one of the hundreds of people who have told me over the past year or two how much you miss the good old days when JONATHAN MAYO and I did our regular hour-long show “Around the Minors,” consider this sort of a reunion show. It’s not an hour (well, not quite) but we’ll share our pre-season predictions for Minor League Player and Pitcher of the year …



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    Mrs.Lisa Winston this is Pedro in i lost the information about where 2 send the bobble head in i’m so sorry i’m just now getting back to you. But if u could please get in touch with me asap that would be great thanks.

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