And we’re back …

  When we left off yesterday, right-hander Nelson Figueroa Jr. had just been taken off of the New York Mets’ 40-man roster but assured by the organization that he was in their plans for 2009.

  Knowing that he was going to be fighting for a job come spring, despite 13 years as a pro and the minor league crown in wins and strikeouts, Figueroa came home, spent some quality time with his bride of eight years, Alisa, and his young daughter, Renee, and then it was time to pack his bags again and set off, this time for the Dominican Republic.

  Back with Aguilas Cibaenas, the team with whom he’d caught the Mets’ eye with a playoff-record 13-strikeout performance the previous January, he posted a 3.13 ERA in five games, striking out 24 while walking four in 31 2/3 innings.

  His next stop on his world tour was Venezuela, where he joined the Lara Cardinales for the playoffs. And on Jan. 18, almost a year to the day after he had wrapped up his Mets invite, Figueroa pitched arguably the best game in his 13-year career.

  Facing Zulia, Figueroa tossed nine innings of no-hit ball in a game still tied 0-0 after that nine innings. The team came back to win, 1-0, in 10. Overall, with Lara in the post-season, Figueroa was 2-0 with a 3.66 ERA in 19 2.3 innings, striking out 20.

  Pretty nice numbers to come home with and to leave the Mets to ponder as they make their potential plans for their 2009 staff. .

  So now, if you’ve been keeping track, Figueroa has pitched in Mexico, in Taiwan, in Venezuela, in the Dominican Republic. He’s pitched in Japan and Australia. He would also appear to be pretty much a lock for the Puerto Rican team’s staff in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

  So what is the best part of being able to be such a world traveler as part of his job?

  The money.

  No, not the salary or the income. But, rather, the actual coinage, the souvenirs Renee collects from his – and, sometimes, their – travels.

Nelson family.jpg  “She loves the money from each place because it’s so different,” he explained. “She has a little cash register filled with coins, a collection of ‘play money.'”

  Figueroa first met Alisa back when the two were at Brandeis and she was a student-trainer for the athletic teams, but they didn’t start dating until years later. She had received her graduate degree from Syracuse University and was living in that area when Figueroa was assigned to Double-A Binghamton, an hour south.

  “I had my old student directory so I looked her up and called her and invited her to come to a game,” he recalled.

  The two dated for a few years before he decided to pop the question in 2000, and did it in memorable style.

  Knowing that Alisa was a huge Winnie-the-Pooh fan, the set-up came at a 4th birthday party for the son of one of Figueroa’s Tucson teammates, Ken Huckaby. During the festivities, who should show up but Winnie the Pooh, holding his ever-present “hunny jar.”

Nelson proposal.jpg  But when he pulled his hand out of the jar, it wasn’t covered with honey but rather holding a ring. Which Winnie then presented to Alisa, as he took off the head and revealed … well, you figure it out.

  The two wed that following off-season and have lived as happily ever after as they can when they are separated for so long during the year. The times they are together as a family are cherished down to every last minute.

  Most recently, before Figueroa left on Thursday for Port St. Lucie, they were spent painting the walls of Renee’s new “big girl room,” a color that Figueroa described in true “father of a 5-year-old” style as “a cross between Cinderella ballgown blue and Heffalump purple.”

  Before that, the three went on a long-awaited Disney Cruise to celebrate the big girl’s 5th birthday. And Figueroa was able to bring her to her dance and gymnastics classes (she is an outstanding athlete like her dad) and watch her perform there.

Nelson family dolphins.jpg“The hardest part of the baseball life that people don’t see is the family you leave behind,” Figueroa said. “I’ve gotten to play dad maybe four months in the last three years.”

  But Figueroa, and perhaps more importantly Alisa, know that this is what he does and there will be time together soon enough. In the meantime, thank heaven for Skype as he’s been able to watch his daughter grow up thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

  “Skype is awesome,” he said. “I’ve been all over the world and I can still see her perform. She grabs her mike and dresses up and sings to me.”

Nelson Santa.jpg  Over the years, the Figueroas have also been actively involved in different community service projects together, but none quite so unique as one that came out of tragedy on Sept. 11, 2001.

  Figueroa was up with the Philadelphia Phillies on the road in Atlanta when the planes struck his hometown.

  “After the Towers fell, I was sitting in my hotel room in Atlanta and had a screen saver of a baseball on my computer,” he recalled. “They were showing everyone putting up their American flags and I had the idea of meshing a flag and a baseball so I created the image on Photoshop and went down to Kinko’s and made six T-shirts.”

  When he got the to park that afternoon, he gave one to his teammate, pitcher Robert Person, and sent a few over to friends in the Braves’ clubhouse, including pitchers Jason Marquis and Mike Remlinger, who had a cousin who worked with silk-screening T-shirts in Boston.

  Together, they had about 1,000 shirts made and distributed them to players on all 30 clubs for free. Players started wearing them, including the Florida Marlins who wore them as their batting practice shirts.

  Fans saw them and wanted them and that’s when it clicked that they could raise money for the victims through the sale of those shirts.

  “The shirts said ‘For all the heroes and victims, united we stand,'” Figueroa said. “We got the licensing from Major League Baseball and the Players Association and everyone was on board, at $10 a shirt with all proceeds going to the September 11 fund.”

  With just two weeks left in the season, there wasn’t that much time to keep the shirts in the public eye, but overall, along with an accompanying auction with items donated by superstars in the game, they raised over $400,000 for the fund.

Nelson in the shirt.jpg  “A lot of the wives joined in with the fundraising part, and during the games they’d sit on the concourse to sell the shirts,” he said. “At Shea, they sold out of 1,000 shirts in less than 10 minutes.”

  So there you have it. And now readers of GotMiLB will be returned to their regularly-scheduled Q&As and my nattering about other topics, starting tomorrow with a special Valentine’s Day version of Beyond the Boxscore with a real angel …




  1. juliasrants

    What a great, great person Nelson is Lisa. From his obvious love of his family and game, to the work he did to help out the victims of 9/11. HIS story is the type we need to hear more of coming out of MLB! I really hopes he makes it on the Mets roster this season and I look forward to seeing him play in Fenway when the Mets visit. Thank you for such an uplifting story.



    Lisa…I am a neighbor of Nelson’s. His mom and I are of the same age so I sometimes tease him I might be his father!!! But seriously, Nelson is everything you have told your readers and more. He loves baseball and “is” a very good pitcher and the Mets are blessed they have him but also he’s a good husband, father and friend. He is always laughing when the neighborhood gets together. When the kids want to play ball, throw the frisbee or jump on the trampoline, he is always there with them all. And I think the biggest part of Nelson pertaining to baseball is, you will always see him signing autographs, before and after his games. Whether they be spring training, AAA or the Majors he always takes care of the fans. His positive spirit and kid-like yet adult outlook on life is always uplifting to me. He’s helped others because they needed help not for his own devises and he continues to be a “true” Ambassador of the game of Baseball and my friend…

  3. beesgal

    Add my kudos to everyone else. Nice story, Lisa!
    And a special thanks to fmkrivas for his thoughts. Beneath our public roles as athletes, wives, fathers, celebrities, we are all human beings. A fact that’s all too easy to forget in the face of thousands of fans wanting to adore you for nothing more than a baseball uniform. You are a very fortunate friend, as is Nelson for having your support. Thanks again. . .BeesGal


    woooow… what a nice article about FIGGY [that’s how a couple of us know him… here in DR]. I have the pleasure to be one of his friends and huge FAN… although in DR he plays against my team, LICEY. But I admire his dedication to the team, EVEN though he is not a NATIVE DOMINICAN, nor “AGUILUCHO DESDE CHIQUITICO”, but he is an amazing person, to the fans… HE treats them all the same… As I mentioned I AM A LICEY FAN, and I came up to him said Hi… asked him for an autograph and a picture… answer? NO PROBLEM. He was not pitching at the moment… so he took time for the autographs and the pictures that everyone wanted with “COMETIGRES” for his excellent performance in the WINTER LEAGUE in 2007-2008 season. I enjoyed reading more about him… and discovering more about the kind of human being NELSON FIGUEROA is… Thanks.


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