Dana MySpace Banner.jpg    One year ago this weekend the GotMiLB household was in a state of suspended animation.

  Some of you may remember (or even know) my daughter Dana, about whom I wrote back in June when she graduated high school.
Little Dana grad.jpg

  Unlike her parents, who pretty much went the more traditional route when it came to applying to college, Dana had her heart set on one school and one school only: Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she hoped to major in songwriting as a singer-songwriter.

  She’d interviewed and auditioned there in December and applied for early admission, but while most EA/ED kids around the country learned their fates before Christmas, Berklee didn’t send out its acceptance/deferral/rejection letters until Jan. 31.

  Then, on Jan. 30, she got an e-mail informing her that due to computer problems, the decisions would be delayed another day.

  Finally, approximately 4,789,432 “hit refresh” button jabs later, she got the acceptance e-mail (no thick or thin envelopes in this cyberage).

  And now, a year later, she is the happiest camper I know. She loves college, loves Berklee, loves Boston, loves her classes (and had straight As in nine courses first semester), loves her professors, loves her friends.

Dana Maidengrass.jpg  Signed a lease on an apartment for the fall that plops her down less than a block from the edge of the Fens and less than a mile from Fenway Park (which means mom can come visit, watch some baseball and have a place to stay for free, free meaning the cost of a week’s worth of groceries for the girls).

  She’s also recently updated her MySpace music page, redesigned it and uploaded some of her newer songs that she recorded in her dad’s studio over winter break (with more to come soon now that she’s just gotten ProTools for her computer this week).

  Now I don’t think it will embarrass her or upset her too much if I say that Dana has never been big on self-promotion … maybe as the mom I’ve been guilty of trying to offset that now and again (understatement), during the almost-five years that she was in a local rock band, and to a lesser extent since they split due to the ever-popular “artistic differences” last year and she’s been focusing exclusively on her own material.

  She’s not the type to sit at her computer for hours and send her link to everyone on MySpace, when she could be spending the time writing songs. She’s not the type to make the “first move” and get her stuff out there, though hopefully she will start doing more of that now that she’s settling into such a great and supportive music community. 

Dana Pocket.jpg  It was actually a huge leap of faith for her to even allow me to post the link here on MY blog in hopes some people might check it out … and if you like what you hear, maybe share it with others who might like what THEY hear.

  She defines her sound loosely as folk, rock, alt-country, indie and pop. Influences include Jenny Lewis, Aimee Mann, the Cardigans, Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers and the Beatles, among others.

  I know I wear mommy goggles but she is one of my favorite singer-songwriters.

  Thanks for bearing with me on this shameless plea. I promise I will now return to our regularly-scheduled baseball blog entries, with a Q&A with Arizona Diamondbacks pitching prospect Daniel Schlereth on deck for Monday!




  1. myaimistrue

    Hi Lisa, it’s Allison. I know you often joke about your bubbe kvelling over your induction into the Jewish Sports HoF but I’m sure she is equally proud (as are you) of Dana.


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