Our brand-spanking-new podcast, Baseball Honeymoon, is back with Episode Two (in what we hope is an indefinite if not infinite series) and can be downloaded, listened to, subscribed or just plain enjoyed right here …
bballhoneymoon2.jpgor at iTunes.

  We’re hoping that we improve with every episode and are pretty pleased with our plans for future eps as well …

  This week (technically, this two weeks) you can listen to an interview with Twins All-Star closer Joe Nathan talking about his World Baseball Classic selection and previous experience, his shift from shortstop to pitcher and his giving back to his college community … you can listen to Milwaukee Brewers catching prospect Angel Salome chatting about his bridge between the American and Dominican communities in which he grew up … and of course listen as we chat about our favorite players when we were growing up.

  You can also win a REALLY COOL BASEBALL HONEYMOON COFFEE MUG if you correctly answer our trivia contest (which I swear is easier than the first ep) …

  Future episodes will focus on favorite baseball music, baseball movies and baseball books, transitioning from baseball into life after baseball, season preview highlights for both the majors and minors, and a bunch of things we probably haven’t thought of yet. And we have some pretty damned cool guests coming on as well …

  Here is my husband’s “run down” on the current episode:

  Hah…we’re back. Oh, that’s a different show. Yes indeed, we have returned with our 2nd podcast (a bit ahead of schedule), and if there is a theme to the show, I have no idea what that might be.

  We kick things off with “Bagels and Boxscores”; Lisa and Wayne discuss the moves or lack thereof in the past couple of weeks. Lisa praises the Red Sox for some smart signs, where Wayne expresses a desire to invest in Mass General Hospital stock, since these guys are the walking wounded. A little discussion of the rosters for this year’s World Baseball Classic leads us into Lisa’s interview with Brewers’ catching prospect ANGEL SALOME (11:33), who will not be playing for the DR, but who was at the Rookie Career Development Program. Lisa asks Angel about his involvement with educating his fellow Latin players in the ways of life stateside, and coping with the obvious cultural differences.

  At 15:00, we read some FEEDBACK from you guys. You guys are really weird. But wonderful. I think I use that word too much. OK, after this show I am banning “wonderful” from my lexicon. Anyway, thanks for the critiques, and keep it coming!

  22:35: Music; Bill Heid, “Little Langley” from the CD “Dark Secrets” (Savant Records).

  TRIVIA time arrives at 23:25, we announce winners from last week’s show, and then Lisa reads this week’s question, which relates to the World Baseball Classic of 2006. Don’t Google this….that would be cheating. If you don’t know it, then you don’t deserve a Baseball Honeymoon mug, darnit! Wait…I didn’t know it. Hey….that’s my mug lady! Where are you taking that?

  Lisa’s interview with Twins’ closer JOE NATHAN starts at 29:55. Joe talks about his involvement in the WBC, and his previous life as a shortstop. Other subjects touched on are his upstate New York upbringing, his involvement with Alma Mater SUNY Stony Brook, his transformation into a dominant closer from position player, and his young fandom following the Mets of the ’80’s. I LIKE this guy!

  41:30 sees Wayne go off on the timing of the WBC, and how it trashed his pitching staff in fantasy ball 2006. As if that wasn’t enough complaining, CURLY W returns with a commentary about how dumb it is that fans throw back opposing team’s homerun balls. We believe this started with the Bleacher Bums at Wrigley. And that is all we want to say about that.

  45:35: Music; Bill Heid, “That Dirty Thang”. (see above). 

  Lisa kicks off our TOP 5 LISTS at 45:50 with an audio montage from the RCDP. She asked a lot of the young’uns there who their favorite players were growing up. Since most of those guys just finished growing up 15 minutes ago, Wayne was afraid they might say names like David Wright and Ryan Howard. The good news was we think Torii Hunter was the youngest player mentioned! This is a great segment, don’t miss it….especially the way Carlos Triunfel says “Seattle Mariners”.

  OUR top 5 favorite players growing up are then listed at 50:20. Lisa has a very Oriole-heavy list, Wayne’s has few surprises, but he throws a curve at number one. No worries, it’s a waste pitch!

  We will be back in a couple of weeks with our Grammy show…..baseball and music.




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