Today’s blog entry was originally going to be about a huge event in the GotMiLB household this week but that’s just going to have to wait a day since right now I want to use the opportunity to give love back to some of the readers/writers who have been instrumental in moving GotMiLB up the MLBlogs Pro list from No. 90, where it finished 2008, to … wait for it …

  … No. 26 through the first half of January 2009!

  Okay, okay, I realize a large part of the reason for that is that San Francisco Giants’ pitching prospect Kevin Pucetas was recently featured as a Beyond the Boxscore Q&A and I think just hits from his friends and family alone set a one-day record for the blog.

  I’m going to savor these few brief minutes where GotMiLB is actually two spots ahead of Jonathan Mayo’s B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful, a lofty spot that will not last long as a) he’s been savvy enough to combine his terrific all-things-minors blog with his killer “Geeking on the Draft” blog (seriously, Jonathan, how did you pull that off???), and b) I can’t write about Kevin Pucetas every week.

  But we are both gazing up in the standings at our third member of our MiLB musketeers, Benjamin Hill, whose Ben’s Biz Blog is at No. 23.

  But one of the beauties of this blog and this blog community, has been the sharing of kind words and warm wishes and especially getting to read the great blogs of other MLBloggers (as well as setting a world’s record for using the word “blog” in one sentence but just to be safe blog blog blog blog blog), as well as some other out-of-network writers whose work I love and claim the feeling is mutual.

  Boston Red Sox fans are definitely well represented on this list … led by the lovely Julia whose blog Julia’s Rants logged in at No. 4 on the Fan MLBlogs list for the same period of time! Way to go, Julia …

  Other members of Red Sox Nation who have been present and accounted for are two bloggers who are proof that yes, folks, the youth of America is STILL watching baseball! 15-year-old Floridian Elizabeth, whose blog The Future Blog of the Red Sox checked in at No. 19, and 11-year-old “Big Papi 72” whose East, Sleep, Baseball was No. 28 on the Fan Blog list!  

  The banter and double-representation of a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan and a Detroit Tigers nut is part of the reason that Jeff and Allen’s Red State, Blue Stateheld fast at No. 1 in the first two weeks of the new year, the same spot it held to finish 2008.

  Right behind those guys, however, is Yankee-centric Confessions of a She-Fan whose author, Jane Heller, is about to see the release of her book of the same name in the next few weeks (and as a little teaser towards our own blog entry for tomorrow, you will be able to listen to Jane talk about her book … well, somewhere on the internet … in a few weeks!).

  Among the other bloggers who deservedly finished in the Top 30 and have shown some GotMiLB love are Giants fan King of Cali at No. 11 and road-warrior Tommy of Rocky Mountain Way at No. 25

  I’m really looking forward in the coming weeks to trying to read every fan blog on the current list and more …

  And needless to say, my goal is similar when it comes to the MLB Pro Blogs which feature so many of my colleagues’ thoughts and opinions (all, of course, well-formed).

  And not all of my “peeps” are blogging directly on the MLBlog site (though I have to ask, why not, peeps???) … much love is due to the amazing, the immortal, the disabled-list-bound 300-game winning pitcher Jimmy Scott whose Jimmy Scott’s High & Tight keeps me laughing; to the amazing Anita at Sporkball Journals who could write a few books; my twin Marla Hooch at Girls Don’t Know Anything About Baseball; and two more New York-fan women I adore, Bernadette of Lady at the Bat (she also has an MLBlog that fills us in on her terrific podcast, A Show of Their Own with Britney Morgan) and the irrepressible Mets Grrl who made ME immortal by naming GotMiLB one of her Top 10 Favorite Female Bloggers at

  I sort of feel like all that’s missing now is a gold trophy and a really low cut gown with lots of sequins on it.

  So … tomorrow … I will be sharing info about the latest “empty nest filler” at Casa GotMilb and hoping that friends and readers (and readers who are friends and friends who are readers) will take the time to check it out!!!




  1. rockymountainway

    Lisa Lisa keep on rocking in the free world! Glad you have moved up and you keep the great looks at the minors coming and I’ll keep watchin! I should make a shirt that says “GotMiLB?” and your url at the bottom for my road travels! Surely it would be a conversation starter. 🙂

  2. beesgal

    Cause sister, how else am I gonna draw folks to my paying gig in these hard economic times? Besides, I’m a WordPress gal all the way. A book you say? I was just thinking *YOU* ought to compile these BtBQ&A columns into a hardcover. Man, if this is a race, I am so seriously behind. 😛

    There is an easier way to zoom my way up the MLBlogs list. I hitchhiked a ride on Ben’s Biz Blog. Tada! Instant #23 for a day. See ya’ll. Hee, hee! Congrats to everyone, and keep on blogging! . . .BeesGal

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