I know I never properly followed up on my trip to the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas and I apologize for that. I suppose I could excuse that lapse in colorful reportage by saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” or however that saying goes.

  But the truth is, I meant to and just never quite got around to it.

  I could sum it up by saying: faboo hotel (Bellagio), too much walking (big Bellagio), minibar sticker shock (and that’s just for the Starbucks Frappucinos), no gambling, surprisingly minimal partying (see: sticker shock), and a most awesome time catching up with a lot of old friends and colleagues.

  Among those friends and colleagues was Steve Fortunato, without whose presence the Winter Meetings wouldn’t be the Winter Meetings for me. I got a chance to catch up at length with “Fortch” at one of the events, and he told me about a few of his current ventures, one of which is a podcast/website by one of his clients, superstar pitcher Jimmy Scott.

Jimmy Scott.jpg  Scott, as I’m sure you all know, is a 330-game winner, he’s struck out more than 4,000 batters in his career, he’s tossed a pair of no-hitters and he sports three championship rings.

  I mean, of course you guys knew that. You are baseball fans and aficionados. The fact that I wasn’t totally (read: at all) familiar with Jimmy at the time, I’m sure, could simply be attributed to the fact that I am all Minor League baseball all the time. I’m guessing a guy like Jimmy Scott probably bypassed the Minors completely. He’s just that cool.

  And he not only manages to keep signing eight-figure deals to keep-a-going in the big leagues, but he also finds the time to write his blog and interview folks for his podcast. He could totally blow off the media, you know? But no, he really GETS it. And as you can tell from the picture there (courtesy of Jimmy Scott himself), he even knows how to handle a digital camera and take pictures of himself (you can tell by the reflection in the sunglasses’ lenses!)





  1. jimmy@jimmyscottshighandtight.com

    If I blew off the media, you’d be the only one I’d speak to. With that in mind, I’m looking for someone to ghostwrite my autobiography. In the mood?

    – Jimmy

  2. tetycms@yahoo.co.id

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