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  The mystery for the ages is solved. At least we think it is.


  “Monkey guy with the floating thing” = Reggy.


  At least we think it does.


  For those of you who are only occasional readers of GotMiLB, rather than those who constantly hit refresh in hopes of new and thrilling copy (and I LOVE all two of you who do that), let me recap.


  Last week, we ran this interview with Detroit Tigers outfielder Casper Wells (that’s him in the picture above). 


  When asked “What is the best minor league promotion or visiting act you’ve seen” his response was: “I like the monkey guy with the floating thing.”


  After a query to colleague Ben Hill, the guru of all things Minor League Promotion-al, came up blank as well, GotMiLB went back to Wells to see if he could shed any more light on this mysterious “monkey guy with the floating thing,” you know, ANYMORE details he could provide.


  His response: “I was at State College in the New York Penn League playing for Oneonta Tigers (in 2007). It was a guy who would have these blown up monkeys and chickens that would dance to different songs. For example, he blew up a monkey while “Brass Monkey” by the Beastie Boys was playing in the background, and the thing started dancing.”


  Because I am, if nothing else, a tenacious reporter, I started doing the homework. Luckily, Oneonta had only made one road trip to State College in 2007, so I was able to hone in on the dates July 11-13. Next, I went to the State College Spikes website and bless their hearts, it had an archive for all of their press releases, including one that alerted fans to the upcoming promotions for, you guessed it, that week.


  And voila, we bring you … REGGY, the Purple Party Dude.


  The brainchild of the folks behind the Phillie Phanatic, Dave Raymond and company (in fact, the name “Reggy” comes from Raymond Entertainment Group), Reggy has no doubt been described in many ways over the years but I am willing to bet that “monkey guy with the floating thing” is a first.  In fact, let me go Google that term … yup, as expected, it got one hit. GotMiLB. (OMG WE R ON GOOGLE, WE R TOTALLY BIG TIME!)


  But he’s the only “character” that appeared at State College in those three days (unless you count former American Idol finalist Vonzell Solomon, aka the singing postal deliverywoman, performing the National Anthem).


  And among his “routines” are this nine-foot blow-up monkey. So I think we have a winner.



  1. rockymountainway

    That’s the kind of reporting I’m talking about. I love it! I once got called out to cover an elite team of river/rescue divers who were chasing a duck around in a pond to get a plastic ring off it’s beak. I had to get the scoop and although they were elite they were very nice and gave me lots of great details on “everything” they do and sometimes you go the extra mile. Way to try and track down the “floating monkey.”

  2. hooksfan

    I truly like the Minor League experience. It gives you the chance to watch these guys develop into better players and watch some truly amazing transformations. We had one of our pitchers for the Corpus Christi Hooks, Brian Bogusevic, switch to an outfielder and he was one fire for the rest of the season.

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