Because I have been so busy trying to keep up-to-date with my “Beyond the Boxscore” Q&As (and may I add that there are a lot more coming), as well as the occasional blasts from Las Vegas, I am overdue in making sure that some of my very esteemed colleagues are getting my love as well … so wanted to take a few moments here to highlight some “can’t-miss” links that I hope you will check out … trust me, more than worth your time!

First off, for anyone who thinks that once the winter months roll around we baseball writers are kicking back and catching up with all our TiFaux’ed reality shows and popping the latest Godiva truffles in our mouths, you obviously don’t know Jonathan Mayo. When the fall comes around, that’s when he really gets going (okay, not totally true since he is also our draft guru, so when June comes around he ALSO really gets going) …

But he is the brains and the brawn behind’s always fascinating and always slightly-controversial Top 50 Prospects package. He is also the author of the very popular (as in No. 24 on MLBlogs’ 2008 Top 100!) blog B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful (which once upon a time was our Around the Minors blog) … and, as long as I am having fun with Jonathan links, he is ALSO the author of Facing Clemens, a book on which he worked long and hard and well and would still be a good Christmas gift for the baseball fan on your list.

In addition, I want to add more love for Ben Hill (not to be confused with Benny Hill), the scribe of one of my favorite blogs, Ben’s Biz Blog. There are very few writers who make me laugh out loud more consistently or more often than Ben does. Little Me, Jonathan and Jason at La Salsa Cantina.jpg

It’s kind of ironic that I have all these very cool colleagues and I almost never get to see them because, at least in Jonathan’s and my case, we are fortunate enough to get to work from our homes which are not (or no longer) near the mothership in New York City (I am actually NYC born and bred but moved to the DC area back in 1989. I don’t think I am opening to door to crazy stalkers to add that Jonathan now lives in Pittsburgh). So having the chance to actually see some of my co-workers in person in Las Vegas during the Winter Meetings was a rare treat … though Ben wasn’t with us at this lunch, I’m being self-indulgent enough to post this picture of me, Jonathan and our intrepid editor Jason Ratliff (and tell me he doesn’t look just like Ralph Fiennes) …

So … with that … wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season … my plans are to post several more blog entries and Q&As in the coming days but since we all know that plans can often go awry, I wanted to be sure to get this posted now while I had a few free minutes (my daughter just got home from winter break at 2 a.m. and is out at Starbucks catching up with HER friends, giving me a few minutes of internet time).



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