In my last entry, I talked about my awesome daughter, her memorable Prom Night, and how proud I am of her yadda yadda yadda. And in the entry before that, writing about White Sox outfield prospect David Cook, I shared the love for “American Idol” Ruben Studdard (still, in my opinion, the BEST “American Idol” winner to date).

This morning, over my French Market coffee, I read an article in the Washington Post that I had to share here on my blog (you may have to sign in to WaPo to read it but please do … they won’t bite, they won’t keep all your personal info, and it is TOTALLY worth reading this article!). And yes, this IS all relevant …

An awesome woman in Woodbridge, Va., named Helen McCormick and her son Todd have established a “student leadership center” called The House just minutes from where my daughter was born, minutes from where I spent my first three years as a Minor League beat writer, minutes from where I lived for five years as a fledgling reporter and young mother.

The House helps teens from the area find purpose, stay in school, work with role models.

But one of the big events of The House is sponsoring and staging the annual Cinderella Ball which is a prom for kids who are not mainstream, whether physically or developmentally. The organization, through its supporters’ donations of money, goods and/or time, creates a night to remember for everyone involved.

This year’s event was May 31 at the very snazzy Willard Interncontinental, and The Man, Ruben Studdard, himself provided the live entertainment. You can read more about the event, and the organization, at their blog

I don’t know if the Carolina League’s Potomac Nationals (my old Prince William Cannons) already have an involvement with this group but if they don’t, and they plan to perhaps hold a “Cinderella Ball” Night in honor of their PRINCE glory days of yore (can I come up with a great marketing/promotion plan or what???) I hope they’ll let me know so I can attend (hint, it’s been 20 years since they won the league title in 1989). I’ll even help man the boxes for fans to bring their prom finery to donate for the 2009 Ball!!

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  1. beesgal

    A little more information about Kyle Maynard. . . excerpted from There’s Nothing Special About Kyle Maynard by Paul Solartoff, Men’s Journal, 2005.
    “What no one can properly train for is Maynard’s motor, his tireless, pit bull drive to dominate. Few, if any, two-minute stints of peak exertion are more taxing than a round of wrestling, and a high school match has three of them, with no rest periods. Giving away length and skill in bouts, Maynard made up for it by being relentless and went 35-16 as a 103-pound senior.”
    “He makes you want to be better—not a better person, but a better, truer version of who you are; stronger, braver, and ready to meet the world on its terms.”
    “He isn’t merely the sum of his mastered shortcomings; he’s a winner with the humility of a fighter who lost a lot once and learned some hard lessons along the way.”
    Hope the Nationals go for your idea. . .BeesGal

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