… with the first “official” entry in my new MLBlog “got milb?” so just wanted to check in briefly (well, briefly for me is probably a novelette for most people) to introduce myself to those of you who may not “know” me yet and establish my little corner of cyberspace!

I am ecstatic to be able to have this opportunity to blog and share my travels, opinions, observations and bits and pieces of my life, at the park and away from it, with everyone (or no one, depending on if anyone reads this!).

For now, though, if you want to know a little more about me, feel free to click on the “read about me” link to the right there. I think I may have set a new MLB.com record for length of profile. This will not come a a shock to anyone who knows me …




  1. EMC

    Lisa – love the new blog title – looking forward to reading it – if you are in Texas this summer please let us know and the Newberg Report followers will make sure you enjoy your Texas Minor League experience!


  2. be_the_ball

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your input a couple months ago. It helped me decide who to cut while acquiring the likes of Cameron Maybin and Andrew McCutchen once I decided ’08 would be a rebuilding year.

    With that in mind, I noticed Micheal Aubrey, German Duran and Jeff Larish have been called up and are available in my league. I could pick them up and have them at $10 each for through 2010. They could even be sent down this season and still have value to me if there is a very good chance they would be starting at the beginning of next season. Especially if it is believed they will be 15-20+ homer guys. Do any/all project to be productive major league players with 500+ AB’s?

    I’ve also picked up John Herrera of COL and am wondering what you think of his speed and on-base abilities at the Major League level and if he might contend for a starting job next spring.

    Finally, would you drop any of the following to make room for any of the names above?

    Matt Latos,
    Tyler Robertson,
    Brett Lillibridge,
    Will Inmann

    Thanks for all your help.

    Mark from Maine

  3. gotmilb

    Hey Mark!

    Thanks so much for the follow up … however, I’m taking a break from giving ANYONE any roto advice for a little while. My own team, that I was high fiving myself for post-draft (glad no one was videotaping that little feat) is in next to last place in my 10-team league so until it digs itself out of the almost-basement I’d feel sort of guilty giving anyone else advice …

    That said, I like the chances of all of the newly-promoted sluggers you’ve mentioned though I think of the first three Aubrey probably has the most competition down the road. Larish has been long anticipated, though I’m not convinced he’s a pure power guy, whereas Duran as a middle infielder is pretty exciting to me …

    If Duran had been an NL prospect I would have gotten him in my ultra phase. He’s the only one of the group you mentioned I would have short-listed … but again take that with the knowledge of how my team IS doing hahahaha.

    Herrera is doing nicely indeed but has a LOT of middle infield prospects behind him. For the short run I like him a lot. For the long run I’d withhold comment (think Nelson, Gomez, etc. even though they’re a ways away).

    I would not even venture to suggest who to drop. Because needless to say whoever I would suggest would go on to throw back-to-back no-hitters or hit .500 over the next two months.

    It’s been that kind of a season so far for me rotisserarily speaking.

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